Military Fragmentation Magazine
Military Explosive 20
File Military_Explosive_20
ID 1200
Rarity Legendary
Type Magazine Attachment
Slots 2 Slots (1x2)
Capacity 20 Rounds
Caliber 1
Eaglefire PDW
Maplestrike Heartbreaker
Augewehr Fusilaut
Nightraider Swissgewehr
Chimera N/A



The Military Fragmentation Magazine is a Legendary Magazine Attachment in Unturned 3. It is used by the Eaglefire, Maplestrike, PDW, Heartbreaker, Augewehr, Fusilaut, Nightraider, and Swissgewehr. When attached to a ranged weapon, an explosion is caused where shot, causing extra damage in a small area. Bullet spread is increased by 15%.


The Military Fragmentation Magazine can be very rarely found at Military Locations.


Version Changes The Military Fragmentation Magazine was added to the game. Improved to not drop when empty.
  • Added damage against objects, set at 15.
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