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Military Knife
Knife Military
ID 121
Rarity Rare
Type Melee Weapon
Slots 2 Slots (1x2)
Equip Secondary
Durability 20% degrade chance
Military Knife
1x2 size-image
Damage 50
Damage 50
Damage 50
Barricade 2
Structure 2
Vehicle 15
Resource 25
Object 15
Negation No
Military Knife
File Knife_Military
Range 1.75
Strength 1.5
Weak 0.44
Strong 0.5
Stamina 15
Special N/A
Military Knife
Knife Military



The Military Knife is a melee weapon in Unturned 3.


The Military Knife can be acquired at Military Locations. It can also be dropped by dead Military Zombies.

PEI: Summerside Military Base, Confederation Bridge

Washington: Olympia Military Base, Paradise Point, Scorpion-7, Military Checkpoints in Seattle and near collapsed tunnels, Destroyed military convoys, and the helicopter crash site on the Bellevue Golf Course.


Military Knife was added to the game.
The Military Knife's blade was brightened.
  • Added damage against objects, set at 15.


  • In version the blade of the Military Knife was brightened. Before, it was the same color as roads and difficult to see when dropped.
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