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Military Vest
File Military_Vest_Forest • Military_Vest_Desert
ID 310 • 1013
Rarity Rare
Type Vest
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Storage 20 Storage (5x4)
Armor 0.7



The Military Vest is a Rare Vest in Unturned 3. It is found at Military Locations and is sometimes dropped by military zombies.


The military vest provides significant protection from all attacks; it's more effective than the Civilian Vest and the Police Vest. It provides sufficient protection to protect the player from bleeding when attacked by zombies in Hard difficulty, with the exception of crawlers, megas, and burning zombies. There are two colors of the Military Vest available: forest and desert.


  • In version 3.0, there was originally only one Military Vest, desert colored. However, in version, it was changed to green, and the old desert color was re-added with a new ID.
Clothing (Unturned 3)

ClothingID List

Desert Armor

Item ID: 1013
Item Type: Clothing (Vest)
Damage resistance: 20%
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 5kg/11 lbs
Examine Text: Military grade bullet protection

Desert armor is a rare vest in Unturned that can be found at military locations. Desert armor protects against most forms of damage, such as gunshots and melee attacks.



Wearing desert armor.