Military Zombie

Aggressive? Yes
Health: 100%
Location: Military locations
Drops: Varies

Military Zombies are a type of zombie found in military locations. Like any other kind of zombie, they are aggressive NPCs which can chase the player when in their line of vision. They can also drop various military grade items on death.

Military Zombies are tougher than common civilian zombies and civil servant zombies, due to the damage reduction given to them by their clothes and armour.

Military Zombies were first added in the second beta release.


Map Shirts Pants Hats Gear
PEI Forest Military Top (100%) Forest Military Bottom (100%) Forest Military Helmet (100%) Forest Military Vest (10%)
Washington Desert Military Top (100%) Desert Military Bottom (100%) Desert Military Helmet (100%) Desert Military Vest (10%)
Russia Olive Military Top (100%) Olive Military Bottom (100%) Olive Military Helmet (50%) Olive Military Vest (10%)
Yukon N/A N/A N/A N/A







Killing a zombie while it is spinning will result in this.

The result of killing a zombie while it is still spinning.

  • Military Zombies were first added in the second beta release.
  • There was a glitch where killing a zombie (any type of zombie) while it is still executing it's "surprise" (when a zombie sees the Player) animation, in this case, spinning, will result in the zombie glitching it's body shape into a abnormal form. This is most common in military zombies due to more players attempting to stealth kill them than other, less threatening types of zombie.
  • Yukon is the only map in which military zombies do not spawn.
  • Military zombies wearing the Military Vest or Desert Military Vest are significantly tougher than their unarmored variants.