Miner Helmet

Item Type: Clothing


Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.3kg/0.66lbs
Description: Dig in the dark.

The Miner Helmet is a craft-able hat which can be crafted with 1 Construction Helmet and 1 Torch. It is also found rarely in construction locations.

The Miner Helmet works as a useful alternative for a torch, as it's brighter, and doesn't need to be held in hand.


When equipped, it will work like the torch or handlamp and lights up the object where you look. To toggle it on or off, press N.



  • The Miner Helmet provides stronger light than a torch, but weaker than handlamp or tactical light.
  • It is the most ideal headwear in singleplayer since it will provide light and it won't decrease view range.
  • It can be annoying while using a map, due to it lighting up the entire map, hiding everything on it but location names. Also lights up the borders of scopes, making it harder to spot enemies in the crosshairs.
  • In multiplayer the helmet appears to always be on from another person's view, rendering it useless for sneaking around.