A Model Dump is a type of loot spawn point where items are heavily clustered together. These dumps are usually seen in test maps or areas such as the Devtest map (Now no longer available), and they mostly consist of newly added items.



Model dumps can be found everywhere (not all, but the notable areas) in this map. The list below contains all the areas with model dumps:

  • The road between the gas station and the mechanic store in the town has a pile of loot consisting of crafting materials and medical items.
  • The roofs of the buildings in the center of the town has firearms and its magazines/ammunition.
  • A hill dividing the town and the farm has melee weapons and the Dragonfang.
  • A lone washing machine on the road is full of ranger firearms and ammunition/magazines.
  • The front of the tunnel contains almost all attachments.


Although the official non-test map of Unturned, there are some places that contains model dumps such as the tank on the Confederation Bridge, which spawns military loot.


In the bottom right hand corner of the map there is a Crane, Train Car, Ski Lift, Igloo and Water Wheel. The Crane spawns ranger loot.


  • Model dumps were never used in the early versions of Unturned, but instead randomized loot.
  • The tank was added as the first military checkpoint since the map doesn't have enough military locations.