The Moon Phase is one of Unturned's game mechanics.


There are five moon phases in this game currently: Full Moon, Quarter Right, Crescent Right, Crescent Left and Quarter Left.

Full Moon:

Full Moon is an event in Unturned. It begins when the Full Moon phase of the moon cycle rises at night, displaying "The Full Moon emerges" on Player's screens.

When this happens, all Zombies gain red-tinted glowing eyes, including the Mega Zombies. They deal more damage to Players and have a much larger detection range. The Zombies also respawn much faster. Zombies killed in the full moon will yield double experience.

An easy way to avoid a full moon is to quit the map, then re-enter it. You will then see that the full moon will have disappeared and will instead follow its usual phases.

Zombies will also resume their regular behavior when the Full Moon sets, and "The Full Moon falls" is displayed on Player's screens.