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Entity Details
Health Unknown
Neutral Yes
Spawn Location Natural Areas

(where trees, grasses and bushes are)

Status Originally added in Unturned 1
Drops Raw Venison, Leather
Extra Information
Speed 4 walking, 8 running
Size Unknown
Color Brown (?)

The Moose is a passive NPC that spawns in Yukon and Washington  It was re-added to Unturned in version, after being replaced by the Deer.


Moose appear to be larger and darker deer.



Moose can be found anywhere on the Yukon map replacing most deer.


Moose can be found near the Golf Course and the lake in the Top Left area of the map


  • Moose were first added in Unturned 1. Like the Deer in Unturned version 2.2.5, they drop meat and pelt.
  • This entity was first mentioned in Nelson's Trello page.


Entity (Unturned 3)

EntityID List

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