Natasha's Diary is a note found in St. Petersburg. It is a diary entry of a food store worker who talked about a Big J representative trying to buy the store with a bigger offer, and how she's worried selling the family business.


Natasha's Diary

September 7th

That businessman from Big J came around today trying to buy us out again - they even raised their offer! He said we're the only ones still holding out... I know we could really use the money, but I can't imagine how disappointed Dad would be if I sold the family business especially to a chain brand like that.


  • The business man is a representative of Big J, who was likely sent to buy food-related stores.
  • Having raised the buy offer, it is implied that the store was visited before with a lower buy price.
  • Because the store is the only one not being bought by Big J, every other food store in Russia was probably bought at that point already.
  • The reason for the store's hold-out is because of the author's dad and how disappointed he would be to lose his family business to a chain brand.
  • Coincidentally, the author of the note shared her name with the spirit mentioned in a different note. This got changed on September 30th.