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Nautical Nuisance

Location: Liberator
Given by: Rusty
Rewards: +50 Experience

+5 Reputation

Nautical Nuisance is a quest in Unturned 3. You must complete A Fresh Coat of Paint in order to receive this quest from Rusty


Barnacles are starting to form on the Liberator's hull, but Rusty's joints are acting up too much to dive down and scrape them off. He'd appreciate if you can help out because given time they can cause quite a bit of trouble.


  1. Speak to Rusty in the janitor room of the Liberator.
  2. Dive under water and remove barnacles off the ship
  3. Speak to Rusty again and complete quest.

All you have to do is to dive underwater and clean off the barnacles that are located on the bottom of the Liberator's hull. Make sure you have a decent diving skill level or else the job gets frustrating with frequent rebreathing and damage from oxygen loss.



  • Need any help? (Show quest.)
  • I scraped off those barnacles (Turn in quest.)
  • See ya around

Hope you're a good swimmer! The ship will be spick and span in no time. (Quest accepted.)

Thank you! I'll take your word for it. Now go dry off! (Quest completed.)