Smartly Dressed Games is an independent Canadian game development studio founded by Nelson Sexton. It is responsible for creating Unturned. The studio has an official website.

The only member of Smartly Dressed Games is Nelson Sexton. Although Smartly Dressed Games consists of only one person, Nelson Sexton has often collaborated with community members.

Curated Content:

Content creators may publish work to the Curated section of the Workshop for Unturned 3. Quality content, as decided mostly by the community, may be implemented into the game. These may be available from the Stockpile, or from limited Workshop Crates.

Collaborators have included:

Community Updates:

Community updates may be created for Unturned 3 in collaboration with, or with the support of, Nelson Sexton. These updates feature new content for the base game, primarily featured on a new map. Two community updates have been done.


Hawaii was added as a part of the second community update, which brought many new Editor features in the updates beforehand to help allow for its creation. It is the first Curated map; it was made solely by four community members without direct assistance by Nelson Sexton:


Russia, alongside two previous Arms Shipment updates, was the first ever community update project. Nelson Sexton worked in collaboration with four others for the update:

Forum Moderators:

Beyond forum-wide moderators, there are multiple Steam Forum moderators dedicated specifically to Unturned. They are Fran-war, Lu, Morkva, Reaver, Shadow, and SongPhoenix.

Reaver and Lu both moderate the Smartly Dressed Games Forum.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks extends out to several third-parties:

  • Bastian Suter for BattlEye.
  • James Newton-King for Json .NET.
  • Riley Labrecque for Steamworks .NET.
  • Stephen McKamey for A* Pathfinding Project.
  • Sven "fr34kyn01535" Mawby for Rocket Mod.

Nelson Sexton: