Oil Rig

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Location Type: Construction, Ranger
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Large

The Oil Rig is an unmarked location in the Russia map.


The Oil Rig is an oil pumping platform found in the bottom of the Russia map, right below Kivgrad Harbor. The only way to access it is by using an aerial vehicle, either jumping out of one or landing it (Helicopters like the Orca can be used). A boat can be used too, but you need to build several ladders to reach the bottom-most platform. However, you are also required to have a radiation-resistant mask item like the Gasmask with several filters kept due to it being a Deadzone. A Spec Ops Mega Zombie spawns on the top platform.

The oil rig seems to be a makeshift survivor base by the amount of tents and crates found on the platforms. Loot ranging from construction items to ranger items can be found depending on the place obtained from.

List of loot found on and under the Oil Rig:

Military Items:

Construction Items:

A black submarine can be found right below the oil rig. It can be accessed by an opening in the hull, where you can find ranger loot scattered around. Various food items can also spawn near the hole.


  • According to General Roman's Diary, the virus infected most of the country and the oil rig was to be used as an evacuation point for the survivors. Due to damage to one of the nuclear submarines that were called to rendezvous to this location, the Oil Rig became irradiated much like Silo 22.
  • The black submarine was originally planned to be on a side of the oil rig instead of being in the center. Evidence shows placed loot spawns with identical positions similar to the nuclear sub until devs relocated the sub. The loot spawns are still present since Russia's release.

Unturned 3: