On Air

Location: Liberator
Given by: Commander Laurence
Rewards: +75 Experience

+5 Reputation

On Air is a quest in Unturned 3. You must talk to Captain Sydney on joining the Coalition to receive this quest.


Commander Laurence wants to get the Russian towers working again to broadcast to any survivor still out there. You'll need a toolkit which he says Natalie down in the engineering can provide.


  1. Speak to Commander Laurence in the Liberator
  2. Speak to Natalie in the engineering room to receive broadcast repair kit.
  3. Repair the three radio towers located around Moscow
  4. Speak to Commander Laurence again and complete quest.

Before you go out to repair the towers, you must first speak to Natalie located in the bottom floor in the Liberator. She's behind a tank chasis. Talk to her to receive the repair kit (It is not an item, however).

The radio towers are unlisted locations, but can be seen slightly in a GPS. They are located on the north-west, on the island east of St Petersburg, north-east, on the top of Mount Nivek, and south islands bordering the bigger island where Moscow is, south-west of Vorkuta Junktion. When climbing on top there will be an open power box which you can interact it to fix it (F by default).


Good to have you with us! I've got a voluntary mission for you if you'll take it.

  • I'll take a look
  • Not right now

Good luck out there! With your having experience in this area already I'm sure there won't be any complications. (Quest accepted.)

Great work! Lieutenant Oswald will get started broadcasting right away.