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2015-07-25 00003

Ontario as seen from the crane.

2015-07-27 00014

Ontario's train yard.


Ontario is a location on the 3.0 Canada map. It has high loot spawns.

Ontario is currently the largest city of the unfinished Canada map, existing as a great place for new spawns. Items found in Ontario include, Canned Beans, Water Bottles, Colts, Civilian Bullets, Camp Axe, Colt Magazines, Cobra Magazines and rare clothing drops from zombies. Ontario is unfinished, having most of the buildings unfurnished and no item spawns in any of them. Mostly all items spawn as "street loot".


Ontario's construction zone.

Item Spawns

·Colt ·Swift Magazine ·Civilian Bullets ·Canned Beans ·Bottled Water ·Camping Axe


  • Ontario is the largest province in the Canada Map, but in the real world Quebec and Nunavut compete for the title, where Nunavut has the largest land area while Quebec has the largest water area.
  • It is recommended that you stay away from this location in PVP matches because of the high amount of players going to it. The crane makes for a good sniping location. This place is risky especially for players with extremely good gear.

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