20160825125228 1
ID 134
Seats 6
Trunk 30 Storage (6x5)
Forward 71 km/h
Backward 9 km/h
Brake N/A
File Name Orca
Special LockMouse • Engine Helicopter
Explosion 20
Exit 3

The Orca is an Epic Helicopter in Unturned 3, added in the update. It is a military transport helicopter that can carry up to 6 people. If its main rotor touches anything during flight, it will explode, thus damaging all entities inside and around it.


Russia: The helipads in Volk Military Base.



  • Due to being a military vehicle, the Orca is invulnerable to small arms fire.
  • With it's 6 seats it's the third largest capacity aircraft, which is surpassed only by the Annushka, Coastguard Seaplane, and Grasslands Chinook and is on par with Hind.
  • High visibility, compared to the Hind.


  • Passengers on the 5th and 6th seat are vulnerable to gunfire.


  • It is based on of the Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka, a Russian helicopter.
    • Orca is the English translation of "Kasatka."
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