ID 96
Seats 2
Trunk 16 Storage (4x4)
Forward 108
Backward 18
Brake N/A


File Name Otter
Special LockMouse • Engine Plane
Explosion 20
Exit Na

The Otter is an Epic Airplane in Unturned 3.


The Otter is capable of landing on both water and land. It is based on the Sandpiper. The Otter is not capable of turning while taking off from land but can almost always land in water (unless making contact with the ground underwater) even while nose diving or flying upside down. If its propeller touches anything solid while at or past 75 kilometers per hour, the plane blows up killing anybody aboard. If it touches an entity, it damages or kills it.


PEI: At the docks of Courtin Isle.

Germany: At the dock of an island near Berlin.


  • The etymology comes from the otter, a semi-aquatic mammal of the Mustelid family.
    • In-game, this is reflected through the amphibious qualities of the Otter.


Use the W key to speed up the engine and the S one to slow it down. Use your mouse to steer and take off. Use A and D keys to turn it horizontally. You can use the arrow keys instead of the mouse, so you can fly in third person too.

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