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Oulton Isle

Oulton Isle (3.0)

Oulton Isle(3.0)

Location Type: Island
Size: Small
Zombie Population: None


Oulton Isle is a small island located southeast of Charlottetown, east of Pirate Cove and west of the Tignish Farm located near Kensington Campground.

Description & Features

The island contains one structure, a square castle wall, completed with ramparts and stairs to the upper level, protecting a tower inside. Gaining access inside is fairly simple, as there are no zombie spawns. The castle door is located on the south face of the walls, access to the inner wall and ramparts is facilitated by two doorways on either side of the castle door, and spiral staircases on the north side of the inner wall. The tower in the middle can be accessed via a doorway opposite of the castle door.

There are six trees: four birch and two maples. There are also three groups of indigo berry bushes west of the castle on the island.

Due to its localization and the lack of zombie spawns, this island makes for one of the best bases in the game. With the aid of bridges, a player can easily reach Charlottetown to resupply, and the radio tower for ranger drops.