P.Riso is an NPC in Unturned 3. He is located inside the Liberator, on the Russia map. This particular NPC doesn't offer quests like the other unique NPCs but rather trade items. Items that can be traded for experience.

Tradable items:

The following items can be bought using experience:

The following items can be sold for experience:


  • P.Riso's name is a reference to PaulSoaresJr, a YouTuber who creates video game content (especially Minecraft[1], Unturned, and indie game titles). In some of his Unturned demonstration videos, he uses a character that is called P.Riso to introduce new items added, as well as explaining that his name is in fact P.Riso pointing out that his name is on his shirt. His name on his shirt is only a Prisoner Top with a Katana on his back cutting off the N, emphasising his name.
  • P.Riso was at Fernweh Prison, Germany before the outbreak.