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PEI inmap
Type of Location: Civilian Location (Island)
  • Large (Island)
  • Medium (Town)
  • Small (Camp)
Connected Locations: New Brunswick
This page talks about a location in the Canada map. For the playable map look at PEI.

PEI (short for Prince Edward Island) is a location in Canada. It is a large island that includes a medium-sized town in the top part, a campground on the bottom and a bridge connecting to the mainland.


PEI Front View

The town viewed on the main road.

PEI has a medium-sized town with a variety of buildings, mainly the special buildings that spawns exclusive loot. This includes a fire station, a police station, gas station, mechanic store, pharmacy, post office, diner and 3 houses, which is a player can receive most of the essentials of surviving the apocalypse. Zombie population is quiet fair and not too threatening, so it takes a small effort to wipe them all out before looting everything. Vehicles also spawn on the road (within the town), and both types of civil-service vehicles are found here.

There is also a dirt road that leads to a camp before you walk away from the town via the main road. It usually contains basic needs such as Bottled Water, Canned Beans and clothing, which is useful if you either want to restock your supply or for some needs incase the town was looted in multiplayer servers.
PEI Bridge View2

A desert-camo tank.

A single vehicle may sometimes spawn there, though you have to clear a small number of zombies in the area.

A tank is seen on the end of the bridge with about 3 or 4 military-grade items. Military clothing is common there, but if you're lucky enough you may obtain some armor or even the Maplestrike.


PEI is an excellent place to start with due to having almost every essential item a player needs to survive with. However, the island's town does not have a Botanist so if you're trying to find some farming items, go to a different town that has one. But overall, it is one of the best places to start in.


  • Compared to the PEI map from the previous version, it is much smaller in size.
    • The locations in PEI are likely identical to the map in the previous version. Charlottetown being the town, Kensington Campground being the camp and the Confederation Bridge as the bridge connecting the island to the mainland.