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An evacuation sign,at the Paradise Point entrance road.

Paradise Point is an evacuation zone in the Washington map.


Paradise Point is an evacuation base, containing construction loot, military loot, and civilian loot. Around the base, is a hangar, 3 - 5 tents, 4 towers guarding the base, 2 barracks, and a medical tent. (Along with a broken wall in the back.) The most notable location in Paradise Point is the Hangar. Civilian items mostly spawn inside the tents, (Not including medical tent) and inside the hangar, while the military items spawn in the Barracks, and 4 guard towers, and the construction loot spawning inside the shipping crates. It has an above-average amount of Zombies, either, Civil Servants, Civilian, or Military.


  • Paradise Point is a military location that doesn't spawn a Mega Zombie.
  • Almost every type of zombie spawns in this location.
  • It is possible that this was where the military made their last stand in Washington, before being overrun.


Here you can see all the buildings of this place:



Paradise Point,seen from above.