Pavel's Notes is a note found in the train yard of Russia. It is a note of a train yard worker who is being told by the military to use the WWII railway cannon to blow up the train tunnels.


Pavel's Notes

I haven't talked to anyone from the military before, but this morning I was sleeping in only to have soldiers pull me out of bed and drag me down here to work the turntable. They wanted to take out good ol' Ivan. He's been parked here since World War II aside from the occasional display, but still runs just fine. I think I overheard one of them say something about blowing up train tunnels - either I'm hearing things or something's wrong.


  • Pavel worked and lived at the Vorkuta train junction, and he was forced by the military to operate the turntable at the train junction and take out Ivan from storage, apparently during the early morning.
  • The military seemed desperate for a way to isolate the country from the rest of the world, as they were willing to use WWII equipment for demolition operations and were not very discreet about it.
  • 'Ivan' is the railway cannon used by the military to blow the tunnels in Russia (As seen in the game on the train tracks). He said that the cannon is old but still functional.
    • The railway gun is likely the same "rail cannon" described in Radio Log.