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Permanent Gold Upgrade is a DLC for Unturned that grants the player the benefits of Gold Membership. It's a one time payment of $4.99 USD, permanently attached to the buyer's account.


Two players enjoying their cosmetics.


Buying the Permanent Gold Upgrade will give you access to several new options that are unavailable to normal players. This includes:

  • Gold username.
  • More character customization options.
  • More UI options.
  • Gold-exclusive cosmetics.
  • Gold-exclusive skins.
  • Access to use Premium Gold servers.
  • Gold Difficulty for on Classic.


  • In earlier versions of Unturned Classic, gold members wore Shades, Fancy Suit, and Fancy Jeans after spawning.
  • This DLC is commonly misjudged for providing no actual benefits to the player, although this is actually considered more of a donation to the developer.

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