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Pine Fortification

ID: 48
Item Type: Placeable (Barricade)
Health: 300
Equippable? Yes
Slots: 2 slots (2x1)
Description: Wooden planks ideal for fortifying windows.

The Pine Fortification is a type of placeable in Unturned.


The Pine Fortification can only be placed on windows of buildings, but it requires two to fully cover wider windows. However, it does not interfere with the zombies' sight like any other barricade.

Zombies will attack Pine Fortifications only if it is in the way of the player they are chasing. This creates a good opportunity for the player to finish them while they are distracted by the barricade.


  • The Pine Fortification was first added in version
  • It resembles the Pine Barricade by appearance. The only difference is that the Pine Fortification is brighter than the Pine Fortification's icon and unlike the Pine Barricade, it does not have sticks in the wood pile.

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