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Police Firearms are weapons which can be found in Police locations.

Weapons in this category are considered mid-tier due to having better properties compared to civilian-grade weapons, while at the same time having a few inferior properties compared to military-grade weapons. They have either an uncommon or rare chance to spawn. The ammunition magazines they use are either uncommon or rare.

List of police firearms

There are currently 2 police-grade firearms in the game.

Unturned 3

Unturned Classic


  • The Swissgewehr was the first police firearm in the 2.0 version of the game as well as being the very first firearm since the first beta test.
  • The Swissgewehr and Cobra are two out of three firearms with olive (Foliage) camouflage, the third being the military-grade assault rifle Maplestrike.

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