Police Motorcycle
Police dirtbike
ID 188
Seats 1
Trunk 12 Storage (4x3)
Forward 59 kph
Backward 18 kph
Brake 24
File Name Dirtbike_Police
Special Zip • Traction • Crawler • Tires_Invulnerable
Explosion 20
Exit 1.5

The Police Motorcycle is a Common Car in Unturned 3.

Appearance: Edit

The Police Motorcycle is aesthetically similar to the Dirtbike, but is gray and white in color. There are sirens in the front and back of the Police Motorcycle.

Acquirement: Edit

The Police Motorcycle can only spawn at police stations.

Analysis: Edit

The stats on this vehicle are essentially the same as the Dirtbike, sharing most of the same advantages and disadvantages with it.

Advantages: Edit

  • Fairly fast
  • Very maneuverable
  • Narrow in shape, allowing it to fit through tight spaces a car cannot
  • Slightly better health than the regular dirtbike
  • Siren can be used to call attention of players/zombies as needed
  • Good traction

Disadvantages: Edit

  • Driver is very exposed to gunfire
  • Does not hold a lot of fuel
  • Not as fast as a regular police car
  • Less health than the police car
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