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Police Station

Stratford - Police

Police station in Stratford

Location: All maps
Size: Small

Medium (Russia)

Unique Features: Spawns police-grade items.

The Police Station is a building found in PEI, Washington, Russia, and Yukon. It is a dull-white color with the "Police" label on the front.


The Police Station contains two rooms; the office and the jail room.

  • The office can be accessed from either the door or window. It spawns police-grade items in the corners of the room such as Police Batons, Civilian Bullets, Cobras and other Police stuff seen below in items.
  • The jail room is small and can be only accessed from the opened bars. It also spawns a police-grade item below the bed.


Item Name Rarity
Police Baton Common
Civilian Ammunition Box Common
Cobra Uncommon
Cobra Magazine Uncommon
Police Uniform (Top, bottom and hat) Uncommon
Cobra Box Rare
Stetson Rare
Novuh Rare
Swissgewehr Rare


  • The police station first appeared in the 1st beta.
    • The second police station is located in Burywood, which was introduced in version 2.1.4.


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