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Police Vest

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Police Vest
Vest Police
ID 10
Rarity Rare
Type Vest
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Storage 20 Storage (5x4)
Armor 0.8



The Police Vest is a Rare Vest in Unturned 3. It is found at Police Locations in Yukon, Washington, Russia, and PEI.

Clothing (Unturned 3)

ClothingID List

Police Vest

Police armor 3.0
Item Type: Clothing (Armor/Vest)
Damage resistance:  10%
Equippable? Yes
Weight: 4 kgs
Examine Text: "Bullet resistant law enforcement gear."

The Police Armor is a rare vest/armor found in police locations.


  • By the looks of the armor and the description, it may have been intended for SWAT/SRT/SRU use.

Unturned 3: