Police zombies are a common hostile NPC found on every map so far. Like all other zombies they are drawn to light, movement and sound. Their most notable differences are their drops, defense and appearance. Usually found in Police Departments scattered around Rural areas such as Cities, Towns, etc.


Variants of the police zombie are much like all other zombies being Flanker, Burner, Acid Spitter, Crawler, Sprinter and Full moon.



Police zombies may drop the Kryzkarek, 1911, Cobra, Baton, and the Ace.


Police zombies may drop the Police Top, Police Bottom, Police Vest, and the Police Cap.


Police zombies may also drop the Handcuffs, Handcuffs Key, Cobra box, Cobra Magazine, 1911 Magazine, Kryzkarek Magazine, Ace Clip, Flashlight, Civilian Ammo Box, and the Binoculars.