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ID 410 - 417
Rarity Common
Type Vest
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Storage 16 Storage (4x4)
Armor 0.95



Poncho is a Common Vest in Unturned 3.


Like most clothing, colors can range from black, blue, green, orange, purple red, white and yellow.

The list below shows all colored Ponchos and their ID.

Poncho ID
Black Poncho 410
Blue Poncho 411
Green Poncho 412
Orange Poncho 413
Purple Poncho 414
Red Poncho 415
White Poncho 416
Yellow Poncho 417


Poncho 1
Item Type: Clothing (vest)
Damage resistance: 0% (none)
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.2kg/0.4lbs
Examine Text: "Embroidered squad cloth"
Item ID: 3005

The Poncho is an uncommon vest found in civilian locations. Unlike most vests, the Poncho does not reduce damage taken from attacks, but used as a decorative/cosmetic item.



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