Purple Mystery Box
Mystery Box 6
ID ID Number
Rarity Gold
Type Box
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Special Pro
Purple Mystery Box
Mystery Box 6
Generate Generate
Destroy Destroy
Drops Drops



The Purple Mystery Box is a Box in Unturned 3.

Acquirement: Edit

The Purple Mystery Box can only be obtained by buying it from the Steam Community Market.

The Purple Mystery Box was initially obtained as a playtime drop.

Contents: Edit

  • Parrot
  • Sombrero
  • Overloaded Zubeknakov
  • Bucket Helmet
  • Jester Cap
  • Corrosive Peacemaker
  • Conical Hat
  • Wind Up Key
  • Zebra Snayperskya
  • Detective Hat
  • Hieroglyphic Yuri
  • Clockwork Nykorev
  • News Cap
  • Hypertech Timberwolf
  • Nautical Matamorez
  • Super Rare Mythical Item
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