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Quebec is a small town in the discontinued[citation needed] Canada map.

Quebec is roughly the same size as Alberton in the PEI map. Items that can be found in Quebec include Bottled Water, Colts, Colt Magazines, Civilian Ammunition Boxes, Canned Beans and Camp Axes. Zombies may drop Colts, Civilian Ammuntion Boxes and Canned Beans. All of the loot in Quebec is found on the street, aside from the Botanist, which has a high amount of Carrot Seeds, Fertillizers and Planters. Zombies cannot be found inside of any buildings.


  • Quebec has roads leading to N&L, Ontario, a ski lodge, a castle and a beach.
    • All of these locations have similar loot, aside from the ski lodge, where Parkas can be found.

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