Item ID: 305
Item Type: Clothing

Equippable?: Yes

Stackable?: No
Weight: 0.2Kg/0.4lbs

Examine Text: Bottom portion of the RCMP standard.

This page refers to the RCMP bottom portion of the uniform.  The RCMP Uniform is a rare piece of clothing found only in police locations. The piece of clothing goes well with the top portion and the headwear that goes along with it. The outfit is also in reference to a certain organization.  Like most clothing there is no crafting recipe for this item.


  • The clothing refers and stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Being the uniform represents a police organization, it is also a police-grade item. Thus, being only found in police locations.
  • The article of clothing fits those who are heroes or "good guys" in general.
  • Being the RCMP is a Canadian police force, the presence of the clothing leads one to believe the presence of the RCMP force in PEI.
  • Since the RCMP only wear their red uniforms on special occasions, the infection must of happened during a ceremony.