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Radio Towers are structures in Unturned found at many places.


They are located at many different places on Washington, PEI and Russia. They are tall towers with a ladder and three antennas on the top. They consist of four "floors" on which ranger loot spawn. The player may only get onto the third floor, the loot on the other three can be taken while climbing the ladder.


PEI: Above the Pirate Cove.

Washington: ???

Russia: There are three Radio Towers on the Russia map. They are located on Mount Nivek, the island east of St. Petersburg, and the island near Vorkuta Junction. They must be visited for the On Air quest.



The Radio Tower in Unturned Classic.

The Radio Tower is a structure in Classic.


The Radio Tower has a chance of spawning civilian-grade loot and sometimes a small chance to spawn low-grade military loot. There is no zombie spawns around it. It is located on a hill near Wiltshire Farm. The Radio Tower has a red light blinking on top of it.


  • The Radio Tower was mentioned in one of the updates, said to have something to do with the [

[St. Peter's Island helicopter crash]]. It was in fact a flashing red light on top of the tower.

    • The red light is a message written in an 18 part code which when decoded reads "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF", a code that was used to access the beta version of 3.0.

The Radio Tower is a location in Antique. It is in the east area of the map, near Mezzelo's Compound. 4-5 zombies can spawn here.


It is a radio tower with a dirt road leading up to it. A undrivable Van will spawn in front of the tower, with a drivable Van possible. The mid platform of the tower can spawn many types of loot, ranging from Sticks to a PKM.

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