Rainbow Hatchback
Rainbow Hatchback
ID 109
Seats 4
Trunk 15 Storage (5x3)
Forward 108 kph
Backward 18 kph
Brake 32


File Name Hatchback_Rainbow
Special LockMouse • Engine Plane • Sleds • Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Rainbow Hatchback is a Legendary Airplane in Unturned 3.

Although the Rainbow Hatchback may look like a regular automobile, it actually behaves similar to a Sandpiper and will also instantly explode upon collision. The propeller collision box is spread across most of the front of the vehicle.


The Rainbow Hatchback does not spawn on any of the official maps, and can only be spawned using cheats.


Version Changes The Rainbow Hatchback was added to the game.
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