Ranger Locations are areas located around the PEI, Washington, Russia, Hawaii, and Germany maps, which spawn Ranger (formerly Militia, in Unturned Classic) clothing, and weapons. These areas are often off the beaten path, and occasionally in hard to spot locations on the PEI and Washington maps (Yet more common on the Russia map). But, they are worth visiting to get the Ranger-grade weapons and attachments that spawn there, since they are more durable than their military counterparts.

Ranger Locations


  • The cave in Zugspitze Peak.
  • The radio Tower near Zugspitze Peak.
  • The prison cells of Fernweh Prison.
  • The jail in Berlin's police station.
  • Inside the bank vault in Berlin.
  • The police checkpoint in Frankfurt Airfield.
  • The jail in Hamburg's police station.


  • Inside the bank vaults at Trikala and Farsala.


  • The cave by Haiku Stairs.
  • The radio tower on top of the Haiku Stairs
  • The cave by the windmills north east to Pahala.
  • The lighthouse on the island west of The Akoni.
  • The bridge of The Akoni.
  • The small island with the crashed hovercraft near Tadaaki Light.
  • The underground Aegis facility below Mauna Kea.