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Ranger Suppressor
Ranger Suppressor
ID 144
Rarity Epic
Type Attachment (Barrel)
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)



The Ranger Suppressor is an Epic barrel attachment in Unturned.


The Ranger Suppressor is commonly found in ranger areas such as Holman Isle in PEI and Heritage Valley in Washington


The Ranger Suppressor having the same functions of the Military Suppressor, reduces damage in favor of suppressing the firearm's gunshots, making the aggro range on zombies smaller and disallowing players to hear you from far away.



  • Reduces gunshot noise by 70%.


  • Increases bullet drop by 10%.


Version Changes The Ranger Suppressor has been added to the game


  • In older versions there was only one suppressor that worked on all guns that support barrel extensions.
  • The Ranger Suppressor takes the appearance of the Russian PBS-1 suppressor.
  • In reality, a suppressor does not reduce a guns noise completely, as the sound of the bolt mechanism in most firearms can not be suppressed.


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