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Raw Squid
Squid Raw 1434
ID 1434
Rarity Epic
Type Food
Slots 8 Slots (4x2)
Food +50%
Immunity -30%



The Raw Squid is an Epic Food in Unturned 3.

If shown to Wallace, the pirate NPC on the deck of the Liberator, he'll reward The Player with experience and a Maple Plaque to display the Squid as a trophy.

It can be cooked at a Campfire or Oven to yield a Cooked Squid.


The Raw Squid can be obtained by Fishing with a Upgraded Fishing Rod.


  • The Raw Squid is the largest item that can be caught by fishing, taking up 8 slots (4x2) in the Inventory, as much space as an assault rifle.
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