The Resources Report is a note found in the UFO crash site right next to the crashed UFO. It is a report of Earth which was written by the unknown aliens, containing the reasons why they're at Earth.


Resources Report

Universal ID: 73-5816

Local ID: "Earth"

Universal Time: 18510975918

Local Time: 7/3/1947

Scans suggest the majority of the planet's foliage contains chlorophyll with an estimated value in the billions of credits, and ~71% of the surface consists of oceans with an estimated value in the millions of credits. We recommend keeping a patrol of this system to prevent pirates from attempting to steal any, at least until they can defend themselves.


  • It is a resource report, meaning it is an analysis of a chosen planet's content.
  • Universal ID/Time is likely the aliens' way of recording things as 'Local ID' and 'Local Time' is the human's way. It is unknown why it is written in English. It may have been created for humans to read or simply a translation test.
  • The first few sentences of the paragraph is an analysis of the Earth's foliage and ocean. It is stated that the foliage and ocean is billions of credits in value, implying that those resources are rare enough to be very valuable.
  • The last sentence states that the aliens are protecting the planet to prevent pirates (Possible 'space pirates') from stealing the planet's content due to its value as stated in the analysis.


  • The Resources Report was named 'Note - Polysol' according to the game files (The name can also be seen in the editor). Because it is called 'Polysol Federation' as referred from the To: Area 51 note, it is possibly the name of the aliens' nation.