Russia map
Map Size: Large
Number of listed locations: 23
Description: Multi-biome country neighboring Canada. Huge diversity of civilian destinations with varying military presence. Tourist attractions include historical monuments, picturesque countrysides and rock climbing. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Russia is a large multi-biome survival map in Unturned 3, and four times as large as other survival maps. It is based on the real-life country of Russia, where it mainly focuses on Moscow and its surroundings.

It was released on August 19th, of 2016. The map was developed in collaboration with Justin "Gamez2much" Morton, Mitch "Sketches" Wheaton, Alex "Rainz2much" Stoyanov, and Amanda "Mooki2much" Hubler.


Unlisted Locations:


  • Russia was the first map that isn't solely developed by Nelson. Contributors of the map include Gamez2much and Rain who worked on the map itself. Sketches and Mooki2much for several vehicle and object models respectively.
  • It is the only map where berry bushes cannot be found. However, Berries can be purchased at T.Rickster's Black Market Smuggling Vendor.
  • Russia is the only map with the largest Deadzone Node which roughly covers five tenths of the Northern part.
  • Due to its large size, finding a Carepackage can be a struggle.
  • Russia is the only map with unobstructed rail tracks, and for that reason is the only map where Cargo Train spawns.
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