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Russian Laboratory

Location Type: Research
Size: Small
Zombie Population: None

The Russian Laboratory is a 2-floor building of unknown location and is most-likely Scorpion-7's headquarters. This is the place in-which the mutated zombies were created.


The Russian Laboratory is a hidden building that can only be naturally located via finding the Soulcrystal in the Metro, and killing 20 zombies in the room. It's abandoned and dark, so a Headlamp , Civilian Nightvision, or Military Nightvision will help see.

Inside of the Laboratory, there are many consoles and 4 visible Zombie testing tubes. Upon the cabinets near where you enter, you can find a note that describes what they were doing with the zombies. According to the notes found inside of the laboratory, we find out that they were the ones who created the mutated zombies. By attempting to make a vaccine for the current zombies, they mutated and created the 3 new zombies we have. The Burners, Flankers, and Spitters. There are overturned tables and blood stains, leading many to speculate that either the zombies escaped, or the Soulcrystal had caused the scientists to turn among themselves.

One of the doors in the Russian Laboratory can be unlocked with a Scorpion-7 Keycard, and is vital to the Mk. II Puzzle.

On the lower level, you can find another Soulcrystal fragment. With the notes on the console, you find out that they attempted to destroy the Soulcrystal through many means. All of their means failed. When you approach the crystal itself, it will teleport you back to Russia. None of the closed doors have any secrets behind them, nor can you get beyond them by normal means.


  • Despite the location itself not being known, the model for the Laboratory is found off the hills near Camp Oleksandr.
  • Many people speculate that this laboratory has long since been overrun, due to the fact that the mutated zombies are already found all over the world.
  • You can not equip items in here.
  • There are a total of 5 salvageable barricades 1 in the top floor and 4 in the basement blocking the door.