S.S Haven

Safe for all
Location Type: Cargo Ship
Closest Location(s): Alberton
Size: Small
Floor(s): 3
Tent(s): 2
Cargo Container(s): 2

The S.S. Haven is a cargo ship ported at the dock in Alberton. It spawns civilian and militia loot. 


The S.S. Haven is a cargo ship that holds two tents, cargo boxes, and weapon boxes (interior).

Loot spawn

The ship contains the following:

  • Police loot spawn area located at the front of the dock.
  • Uncommon/Rare militia spawn area on the top floor of the wheel house.
  • Common civilian spawns on the roof of the wheel house.
  • Civilian spawns and medical spawns located in the left hand tent on board.
  • Construction components such as worklights, generators, and boards can spawn in the cargo crates.
  • Civilian loot, including construction items and melee weapons, spawn behind the wheel house close to the ladder.
  • Agricultural spawn (Crossbow, Longbow, Outfield, Lever Action, Compound Bow and Double Barrel) in the tent closest to the wheelhouse.
  • A lookout point with pre-built sandbags.
  • Militia spawns on the weapon boxes and on several spots in the main cabin.


  • The S.S Haven was first added in version 2.0.3, along with Alberton's new pharmacy.
  • The lookout point on the cargo container and the top floor are the safest places to rest in, where zombies cannot get you due to the pre-built ladder (and because of this it can be used as an excellent base)
  • There is white writing on one of the many containers that says "Safe 4 all".
  • There are staked-down tents on the cargo ship, which is odd considering that the ship is made out of steel.


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