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Schofield Clip
Schofield 5
File Schofield_5
ID 103
Rarity Uncommon
Type Magazine Attachment
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Capacity 5 Rounds
Refill Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Box



The Schofield Clip is Uncommon Magazine Attachment used for the Schofield, a French bolt-action rifle in Unturned 3.

It can be found in barns on the 3.0 PEI map. It holds 5 rounds and can be refilled using Civilian Ammunition.


  • As with all ammo, you can combine two of the same type together to refill the other, while still retaining the other clip.
  • The bullets under the gun appear to have no tip to them, showing a flat front.
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