2001 mip 0
Item Type: Backpack
Carrying Space: 12 slots
Weight Tolerance: +10kg/22lbs
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0kg/0lbs
Examine Text: "Synthetic medium sized bag."

The Schoolbag was an uncommon backpack found in civilian locations, such as towns. When equipped, it replaced any other backpack that was being used and provided 12 inventory slots and up to 10 kg carrying capacity, making it a good starter bag for beginners.

The Schoolbag was yellow and brown, with a carrying strap. It was not recommended for PvP, as its bright color could easily attract attention.


  • The Schoolbag carried the same weight as the Animalpack and added 2 more inventory slots. However, it did not add a 5th hotkey slot like the Animalpack.


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