Scorched Earth

Location: Liberator
Given by: Norbert
Rewards: +200 Experience

+20 Reputation

Scorched Earth is a quest in Unturned 3.


Recently Norbert was helping out on a scavenging mission to Novobirsk when they ran into a gigantic "firebreathing" zombie. Unfortunately this means they can't clear it out for supplies until the zombie is slain.


  1. Speak to Norbert in one of the tents on the Liberator.
  2. Travel to Novobirsk and kill the Flamethrower Boss.
  3. Speak to Norbert again and complete quest.

Though the fire it produces deals little damage, the rate of fire is very high and will shred your health very quickly if you do not back out. The boss has limited range when breathing fire, so always stay a few distances away from it. Assault rifles and machineguns are recommended.

Be careful not to attract normal zombies, as the fire can turn them into Burner Zombies.


  • I'm very happy to be aboard!
    • Seen anything weird lately? (Show quest.)
      • Good luck! If you run into it stay away or you'll get charred! (Quest accepted.)
    • I killed that boss zombie! (Turn in quest.)
      • Seriously?! Thanks! We'll be able to scavenge Novobirsk now. (Quest completed.)
    • Glad to hear it (End dialogue.)