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ID 25 - 32
Seats 4
Forward 72kph/45mph
Backward 27kph
Brake 32
File Name Sedan_[Color]
Special N/A
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Sedan (known as Car in older versions) is a common vehicle in Unturned. Like any of the civilian vehicles, they appear in a different variety of colors.


The Sedan can be found in most civilian locations and in towns.


The Sedan is a small car with four seats. It can appear in eight different colors: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow.

The list below shows all colored Sedans and their IDs.

Vehicle Image ID
Black Sedan 25
Blue Sedan 26
Green Sedan 27
Orange Sedan 28
Purple Sedan 29
Red Sedan 30
White Sedan 31
Yellow Sedan 32



  • The Sedan is common.
  • It is fast, being able to reach up to 72kph.


  • Easy to get shot inside due to the many windows.
  • Low health.


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