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Sergey's Journal is a note found in St. Petersburg's subway tunnels. It is a journal of a subway janitor who felt strange presences near him, and it is likely unfinished since he goes to check the fuses. It has a tendency to glow purple at times.


Sergey's Journal

August 5th

I felt it following me again, and every time the lights flicker I see something out of the corner of my eye. As I write that the lights have gone out in the hall... I'd best go check the fuses.


  • 'It' and 'Something' may refer to a paranormal entity, though the description of said entity lacks details. It is possible that the phenomena experieced by the author, such as feeling something following him and lights going out for unknown reasons, are manifestations of the spirit known as Anastasia, since an altar dedicated to her and a piece of the Soulcristal are found deep in the metro tunnels.


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