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ID 568
Type Cosmetic (Glasses)



Shades is a cosmetic clothing item in Unturned. They represent black sunshades.

The Shades were an article of clothing, but got changed into a cosmetic item in the Steam Economy update. The Shades used to take up 2 slots in the inventory (1x2). Shades did not provide any Armor.


  • Strangely, Shades dropped from Trees in the Alpha version of the game.
  • Gold Account players could, in older versions of the game, end up only spawning with the Shades on when playing on Gold Difficulty.
  • In an older version of the game, the text "Greg Co." could be seen on the Shades, referring to a past YouTube account Greg Stevens that used to make trailers for the first Unturned prototype game, "Deadzone" on Roblox.


Version Changes
Alpha Shades were added to the game
? Shades no longer drops from trees
? Shades now spawn for gold members on any kind of server
? Shades no longer have "Greg Co." written on them Shades were added to 3.0
Steam (Unturned 3)

ID ListSteam

Unturned 3:

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