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Shereyavo International is an airport located at the north east corner of the Russia map. It spawns civilian, construction, and police grade loot.


The Airport has two stores and a security office, as well as various (Non-Functional) conveyor belts to transport baggage. It also includes large commercial planes (Non-Functional) and hangars. This is also the only place that the Luggage Car can spawn. In the two empty hangars and runway, the Sandpiper can spawn. Low-tier Ranger Loot can spawn in the Air Control tower. There are a significant amount of zombies located in the terminal, caution is advised.


  • Shereyavo is likely based off of Sheremetyevo International Airport, a hub for Russian airline Aeroflot and one of the three major airports serving Moscow.
  • The plane that brought infected individuals to Russia came through this airport, so that was the first point of Russia to witness the virus.

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