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ID: 1031
Item Type: Melee weapon
Damage: ?
Range: ?
Swing Speed: ?
Equippable? Yes
Examine text: "Perfect for wacking zombies."

The Shovel is a melee weapon in Unturned. It was added along with the Washington map.


Can be obtain in campgrounds like Souris Campground, and Kensington Campground and farms like Fernwood Farm or Wellington Farm. It also spawns at Kent Raceway. Theres a chance that Lumberjack or Farmer zombies will drop it.



  • Decent damage when compared to other melee weapons of this rarity.
  • Can be easily obtained, having a lot of spawn locations and a relatively high chance


  • The slow attack speed makes it unsuitable for fighting off hordes of zombies, as you will be unable to stun them quickly enough.
  • It takes up alot of space (6x2)


Version Changes
Unknown The Shovel has been added to the game.
  • Added damage against objects, set at 20.


  • The Shovel was originally mentioned in Nelson's Trello page.


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