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Silo 22

Russia level
Location Type: Ranger
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Large

Silo 22 is a location in Russia.


Silo 22 is located in the north part of Russia, in the centre of a deadzone. It is surrounded by dead trees, likely due to radiation. The deadzone is surrounded by triangular radioactive signs which warn the player on the presence of radioactivity.

The area contains military barracks, a military tower, and the missile silo. Silo 22 spawns ranger grade loot. There is a chance for a Mega zombie to spawn in the silo. Silo 22 can be accessed by road, although it is extremely mountainous terrain. Silo 22 is protected by a massive wall on one side, which can only be accessed by powering the missile exhaust doors.


  • The massive wall of Silo 22 is seen on Russia's loading screen.
  • The note General Boris' Diary can be found here.
  • A washing machine can be found directly in the center of the deadzone
  • The second floor contains a note required to finish The Conspiracy's Conclusion quest.
  • The missile was originally intended to hit Moscow in order to limit the spread of the virus, but a Russian general sabotaged the missile making it spew radiation in the surrounding area.


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